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Port Handling

Barkat Cranes & Equipments Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly known as Barkat Hiring Company) started its opertations from the Port Sector with a single 3 ton forklift. Today, the fleet of equipment includes large number of young forklifts upto 32t capacity, Lattice boom crane of upto 280t capacity & trailers of various capacities. On account of the excellent services provided by us , our fleet of forklifts/cranes/trailers are being countiniously agumented to meet the increasing demands being placed on us. Some of the projects executed by us are detailed below:

Sr No. Client whom we are providing our services
1 USL Coeclerici Logistics Pvt Ltd
2 Berling Logistics India Pvt Ltd
3 JM Baxi
4 Sai Shipping
5 Marcon Shipping
6 Sea Global
7 Bulk Cargo Conveyor
8 Sea World Logistics